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Runbo is a leading manufacturer of rugged and waterproof cell phones; a manufacturer of excellence in safe and reliable communication devices for vertical industries, construction, safety, security, transport and logistics, as well as agriculture and recreation.

RunboShop offers mobile phones and accessories for those who place high demands on durability. Our products have been developed to be used in any environment without the need to take account of the weather. When you buy a phone from RunboShop we ensure that it is able to be handled carelessly without the risk of breakage. While regular cell phones quickly must be submitted for repair if you are rough, we guarantee that our phones can handle from shock, water and heat.

The goal here at RunboShop is you who are in tough environments should be able to use the same technology as they do in big cities. Therefore, our phones are not only resistant to extreme weather conditions and rough handling - they have also been equipped with the latest technology so that your phone will always be an asset to you, both at work and at play. Whether you need to navigate using GPS, communicate via poc or an emergency function that automatically calls emergency in a serious case, we have ensured to get all the phones.

We want to offer our customers a complete solution in mobile telephony in particular environments. Therefore, we have also developed accessories that facilitate work or roam. We have bags, batteries, antennas, headsets and other products that meet high standards of quality telephony accessories. All our products follow a common thread in terms of design and sustainability, and we always strive to maintain a high quality level.



Runbo is the most resistant smartphone on the market. It's built for people in rough environments who needs a tool they can trust under all circumstances. Integrated into each Runbo phone is a walkie talkie which enabled you to communicate with other radio communication around you.

They also come full of useful functions, such as GPS, SOS button for help in critical situations, up to two SIM cards, and a "man down" feature that detects if you fall from a high location, which will then trigger the SOS functions to get you help as fast as possible. Beside all these features, it's also an android phone more robust than any of it's predecessor.